July 16, 2018

The importance of curb appeal

People tend to make up their minds quickly. That is especially true when they are searching for a home to buy. The first impression, the home’s curb appeal, often plays an outsized role in stoking the interest of potential buyers.

Curb appeal TLC
Both in-person and online, a listing’s curb appeal needs to be carefully cultivated. It requires the same kind of effort you put into your personal appearance, but on a grander scale.

You wouldn’t go to an important business meeting with a stain on your outfit or your hair a mess, and you wouldn’t list a home with chipped paint on the front door or overgrown foliage. Step back, view the home from every angle, and carefully consider how its every element presents itself.

Virtual curb appeal
Curb appeal no longer refers strictly to the way a home is presented to potential buyers on the ground. The term now also covers a home’s virtual appeal; the way it presents online, through photos.

As more people begin their home-buying search online, the importance of in-person curb appeal has to be complemented and enhanced by its online curb appeal. The online listing serves as a portal for homebuyers, the first step in whetting their appetite. And it’s an important one, according to the National Association of Realtors, which found that 63 percent of homebuyers will make an in-person visit to a listing they liked online.