Easy Yard Maintenance Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

June 21, 2019

Easy Yard Maintenance Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

One of the largest selling points to a home buyer is a yard. It offers a feeling of privacy and ownership, and is loaded with potential. As soon as they lay eyes on a yard space, they immediately start imagining all of the exciting possibilities: a picnic table under the shade of that tree? Lush grass for their toes to sink into while they entertain their friends while hosting a cook out? Blooming flowers to keep the vases full and home smelling fresh all summer long? These possibilities are huge draws for a family looking for a new home, which is why a drab yard can be such a challenge. Instead of seeing the possibilities, the potential buyer sees a lot of hard work ahead of them.

This is why providing some TLC to the yard before our real estate photographers arrive can be one of the most impactful things a home seller can do. It adds a colorful pop to the exterior of the home, and boosts curb appeal. Here are a few easy things that your client can do to enhance their yards as they try to sell:

  • Spotty grass? A verdant lawn surrounding the house is in every American’s vision of an ideal home. Laying down new grass seed can dramatically upgrade their lawn and fill in the patchy spots in just a few weeks.
  • Incorporate flowers. Your seller doesn’t need to invest hard work and time into planting a full garden, but colorful flowers can add excitement to the home’s exterior. Easy annuals like petunias, and geraniums can adorn the outdoor space in hanging baskets and porch boxes, while marigolds and salvias can be planted throughout the yard. If the yard has more hard surfaces than not, potted plants can also have a huge visual impact with the illusion of greenery.
  • Plant butterfly and bee friendly blossoms. Millennial home buyers are more conscious than ever about sustainability within their home and the planet around them. Purple Coneflowers, and Asters are beautiful flowers that also help pollinate endangered butterflies and bumblebees and will leave a lasting impression for years to come.
  • Removing weeds and laying down fresh mulch in the flower beds are also inexpensive ways to enhance a yard. The space will look so much more manicured once the exposed dirt has been hidden away and whispy weeds have been removed.

When a home seller takes these easy steps to create a beautiful yard and garden, the results can boost your real estate listings, add an eye-catching pop of color to your real estate photography, and entice future buyers who are looking for an outdoor oasis with their new home.