July 9, 2017

The Benefits of Blue Sky Enhancements

Today, the first step most home buyers take is an online tour. That means you only have the space of a few seconds to capture their attention with perfect property photos that compel them to click. What better way to do that than with a beautiful scene set beneath a bright blue sky? Learn more about the benefits of blue sky enhancements and how Beacon James applies this bright idea to your property’s profile.

What are Blue Sky Enhancements?
Regardless of whether it’s raining or sunny outside, your real estate photographer ensures that your listing will feature crystal clear HDR photos with bright blue skies. Using sophisticated post-processing software we’re able to swap out stormy weather for the ideal summer sky to enhance the image and create a composition that puts your property in the best light.

Give Yourself an Edge with Sunny Skies
Simply put, blue skies make you smile and the sight of the sun can instantly elevate your mood. Tap into that kind of solar power and don’t forget that the exterior photo is often the first picture a buyer will see of your listing. You want to make sure they feel welcome and want to imagine themselves there.

Professional Photos Lead to Quick Turnaround
According to research from leading real estate authorities, listings that feature professional photos sell 32 percent faster than those with pictures from the owner or agent.1 Today’s post production software makes it possible to enhance bright whites, deep darks, and everything in between. Our expert photographers are more affordable the the competition when it comes to using to use HDR technology and provide you with the most stunning property photos under the sun.

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