June 11, 2017

Photographing a Kitchen

The kitchen can be a gathering place, a space for entertaining guests, a quiet refuge, or all of the above. So when you’re taking professional real estate photographs of a kitchen it’s important to provide detail but also leave enough room in the viewer’s imagination for them to picture how they would use it.

Keep these ideas in mind as you plan and execute your kitchen real estate photo shoot:

More than any other room, the kitchen needs to be photographed in a way that tells a story. People’s memories of their homes often revolve around the kitchen, so the shoot should evoke those future memories and stories in the buyer’s mind.

Survey the room
The kitchen is almost always filled with stuff—cookware, appliances, furniture. Before shooting, survey the room from every angle looking for cleanliness and organization, and to ensure you utilize the best angles.

Stage the room
Take photos with the kitchen at its cleanest and most orderly, but also include somewhere it’s being used (without creating a mess). If there’s a dining area or breakfast nook, set the table and include some colorful centerpieces.

Multiple angles
Horizontal shots usually look better online and should make up the bulk of your attempts, but don’t rule out vertical shots or more creative options. And it’s almost impossible to take too many pictures.

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