May 1, 2018

Tips for photographing a living room

Just as the living room is often one of the first things people see upon entering a home, it is one of the first things they look at when viewing a listing online. The way you present the living room in photos goes a long way toward forming the impression a prospective buyer will have of the entire home.

These tips will help you best showcase the living room and use it as a beautiful example for the rest of the home in your real estate photography:

Natural light
Living rooms usually have more access to natural light than other rooms. On a sunny day, open windows and take advantage of that natural light to stage the room.

Take lots of photos
Taking professional real estate photographs can be as much about quantity as quality. If you take enough photos you’re almost guaranteed to end up with some good ones.

Emphasis on room
Roominess is one of the biggest selling points of a living room. Focus on angles and and perspectives that accentuate the size of the room, without misrepresenting the space.

Become an interior decorator
The living room has been decorated to the current owner’s tastes, but potential buyers might not share the same aesthetics. Reorganizing the room or even removing furniture or objects can give it a more universal appeal.

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