May 12, 2018

How to Get Exactly What You Want from Your Listing Photography

How do you make an unforgettable first impression online? How do you stop buyers mid-click in their property search? With a stunning set of photos that welcome them to imagine their lives in your home, that’s how! Your listing will encourage more people to explore every room if you include photos from a pro. At Beacon James, we partner with Realtors® to create compelling collections of property photos that engage a wider audience. Here are a few helpful hints on how to get the most out of your photoshoot:

Partner with a pro.
Buyers start their search online, meaning your photos are the first look they’ll get at their future dream home. Make sure to showcase your listing in the best light with help from a professional real estate photographer. Don’t rely on your iPhone to produce realistic pictures; according to Market Leader, listings that feature professional property photos sell for nearly $20,000 more than those with amateur shots from the agent or owner.

Opt for PrimeHDR
Picture your property photos as works of art. With the power of PrimeHDR, contrasting colors are intensified using complex post-processing technology that combines multiple shots of the same scene taken at different shutter speeds. Photographers use tone-mapping software that amplifies bright colors and enhances architectural details to create an image that realistically represents your property so well, it’s like you can reach out and touch it.

Sunny skies sell listings.
Once your photographer gets the shot and puts it through the magic of post processing, don’t stop there – they have the power to substitute in a sunny day no matter what the forecast. With blue sky enhancements, your property will shine beneath crystal clear skies that invite buyers to click and stay a while. You can trust this tried and true trick to attract more attention and site visits than shots featuring an overcast and dreary day.

Make the most out of your property photoshoot with helpful hints and trusted tips from your partners at Beacon James. Contact us to schedule a photoshoot today.