October 26, 2017

All About HDR: What You Need to Know

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range photography, and it’s currently all the rage in the world of marketing. But what does that mean in terms of real estate, and how can it help you market your listings, attract more clients, and close more deals in less time? Read on to learn about what HDR really is and how the experts at Beacon James will transform your listing photos into works of art.

An Overview of HDR
HDR photography is a post-production technique that combines multiple images of the same scene to create a photo that looks like what we see with the naked eye. By shooting the subject several times at different shutter speeds, the camera can capture all the subtle nuances of light and dark. Our smartphones simply aren’t equipped to snap such a flawless photo which is why we often see washed out whites and dark black blobs instead of sharp, clear edges and contrasting colors.

Why is HDR Worth More?
Good HDR photography creates stunning scenes that would otherwise be faded by an iPhone. Using tone mapping software and specific filters, a professional real estate photographer can enhance the dimension and texture of the exterior or decor to create a photo that attracts more attention than an untouched amateur’s image. Today’s home buyers start their search online and you only have a few seconds to grab their attention as they scroll through property listings. Make the most of that time by trusting a pro.

A Pro is the Way to Go
The team at Beacon James is here to help you keep the focus on your client. According to Redfin, listings that feature professional pictures earn between $3,400 and $11,200 more and sell three weeks faster than those with amateur photos.2 So don’t worry about lugging a tripod to your listing or figuring out the best spot for the shot. Our photographers are experts in framing and finding the perfect light. Trust us to provide the equipment and post-production software you need to make your property truly shine.

Beacon James has taken HDR one step further with our exclusive PrimeHDR photography and editing that provides a distinct true-to-life view of the space — clear windows, crisp details, and brilliant lighting. To learn more about PrimeHDR photography and how we help you market your listings, check out our photo gallery and contact the experts at Beacon James today.