June 1, 2018

5 tips for photographing a bedroom

For many people, the bedroom is the focal point of the home. It’s used not just for sleeping but for spending time with family, reading, watching TV, and many other activities that are central to home life.

The bedroom is also a focal point for homebuyers because it often represents the fantasy of owning a home. Therefore, capturing the bedroom in its best light (pun intended; see below) is essential to enhancing the appeal of real estate photography.

Here are five ways you can feature the bedroom in your photos, whether you’re a homeowner, real estate agent, or professional real estate photographer:

1. Clean and declutter the room
Even small objects can be distracting. Think about the nicest hotel room you’ve ever been in, then try to emulate its orderliness.

2. Stage the room
Make it look as warm and inviting as possible. Your photos need to make it easy for buyers to imagine the bedroom as a physical and mental refuge.

3. Choose the right angles
Take pictures from every angle, searching for the most striking one. Include the floor in your shots to avoid creating an unsettling floating feeling.

4. Lighting
Get as much light as possible. Rely on natural light wherever you can, but don’t be afraid to move lamps into the room to brighten it up.

5. Focus
While it’s important to get shots of the whole room, by focusing on certain areas or objects you can use a small part of the room to effectively showcase its entirety.

For more tips on preparing your home for your photo shoot, visit our helpful guide.